How To Do Research
Fall 2008


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Class Time  

Monday 4:00-4:50pm


CSI 2120

Course Info

This is a 1-credit, required class for Computer Science Ph.D. students.  Students from other programs are welcome.







Steven Salzberg


salzberg (at)


BSB 3125

Office hours

By appointment

BSB is the Biomolecular Sciences Building - across the street from A.V. Williams.  Directions here.

General Information
This is a 1 credit course with Pass/Fail grading only.  The primary requirement is attendance.  Students cannot miss any class without a valid, documented reason.



Class topic

Slides / notes / links

Sept 8 Introduction to course

Sept 15 CS Dept colloquium, CSIC 1115: Prof. Jeff Foster

Sept 22 Prof. Jim Reggia on "How to write a research paper"
Sept 29 Profs. Amol Deshpande, Jeff Foster, Neil Spring, and Samir Khuller on "How to look for an academic position and how to prepare for it" 


Oct 6 Part 2 of "How to look for an academic position"


Oct 13 CS Dept colloquium, CSIC 1115: Prof. Bobby Bhattacharjee

Oct 20 CS Dept colloquium, CSIC 1115: Prof. David Jacobs

Oct 27 Prof. Jeff Hollingsworth on "How to find an advisor"

Nov 3 Prof. Mihai Pop on "How to read a paper"


Nov 4 Election day - go and vote for a new President! 

Nov 10 Prof. Rance Cleaveland on "How to give a talk"
Nov 17 Prof. Francois Guimbretiere, topic TBA

Nov 24 Prof. Vibha Sazawal on the scientific method


Dec 1 CS Dept colloquium, CSIC 1115: Prabhakar Raghavan, Yahoo Research
Dec 8 Prof. Aravind Srinavasan on "Computation as a lens on the sciences"