CBCB scientists Mahfuza Sharmin, Hector Corrada Bravo, and Sridhar Hannenhalli publish a paper in Genome Research on heterogeneity of transcription factor binding specificity models

Thu Jun 23, 2016

CBCB graduate student and lead author Mahfuza Sharmin, and CBCB faculty Hector Corrada Bravo and Sridhar Hannenhalli, have published a paper titled "Heterogeneity of Transcription Factor binding specificity models within and across cell lines" in Genome Research on June 16, 2016.

In this paper, they develop an ensemble based approach (TRISECT) to identify heterogeneous binding rules of cell-type specific TF occupancy and analyze the inter-cell-type sharing of such rules. Their novel ensemble-based approach reveals, for the first time, a widespread heterogeneity of binding rules, comprising interaction partners within a cell-type, many of which nevertheless transcend cell-types. Notably, the putative targets of shared binding rules in different cell-types, while distinct, exhibit significant functional coherence.

The paper can be found here: http://genome.cshlp.org/content/early/2016/06/16/gr.199166.115?top=1