Colwell Travel Fellowship

Fellowship information

The Rita Colwell Travel Fellowship is made possible by a generous donation from Prof. Rita Colwell and is intended to help eligible students to attend scientific meetings relevant to their field of study. The funds are available on a competitive basis (see application process below) and applications are reviewed 3 times a year. Successful applicants will be reimbursed retroactively. The number of applicants funded, and duration of the fellowship program, will depend on funding availability.

Application details

Eligibility: The fellowship is open to all students affiliated with CBCB or CBBG graduate programs.

Application materials:

IMPORTANT: All application materials must be prepared in PDF format. Documents in plain text, MS Word, or other formats will not be accepted.

  • Cover letter including the following information:

    • Student name

    • PI name

    • Department and/or program of study

    • Name of scientific meeting that will be attended, including link to conference webpage.

    • Reason for travel: list one of (i) oral presentation; (ii) poster presentation; (iii) other (please explain)

    • Brief description of research being presented (100-200 words)

  • Current CV

Application procedure: Application materials must be submitted by email to

Application deadlines: Applications will be received on a rolling basis, however decisions will be made three times per year: February 15th, June 15th, and October 15th.

Notification: Within 2 weeks of the above-mentioned deadlines, all applicants will be notified with the decision of the reviewers.